Five Habits for Exercising Daily

1) Diary - Write the time you are giving to yourself in your diary. It is now a priority and not negotiable. It can be moved forward or back if life requires it, but not removed.

2) Plan B - If the weather scuppers your original plan, have backup ready. ie If going for a run is your thing and it’s lashing rain, go to the treadmill in the gym. If that is not an option, run in the rain or go to your local pool for a swim. Be ready.

3) Gear - Keep your exercise gear clean and ready to wear. When the time comes you want to travel the road with the least obstacles. Dirty training gear is a poor obstacle to fall on.

3) Food - Have your pre and post exercise meals and or snacks already bought and prepared if necessary.

4) Mental Preparation - You must decide that you will not discuss (with anyone, including yourself) whether or not you will do the exercise until your workout is complete.

5) Bed - Not going to bed on time can take your energy and lessen your willpower. To make the right decisions for you and to have the strength to maintain the required level of discipline, you need to be reasonably well rested.

Jonathan CairnsComment