Why read The Plant Based Runner ?

From an overweight, unfit slug, to an ultra and marathon runner, Jonathan Cairns shows you how to eat and exercise yourself to a better place.  You will get a path to a healthier life. This in turn leads to a fuller life. One where you feel good in your own skin.

If it was easy everyone would be living a healthy life.

Like a lot of things, just saying something doesn’t cut it, you have to make it happen. The first steps are the most difficult, mentally and physically.  The Plant Based Runner will show you how.

“This describes a time when I needed to find a bridge to get off the island, it was getting smaller, there was no boat. I knew if I didn't move I would soon perish. The book starts from the time the realisation of my situation hit me. Building a bridge, without a teacher, or a friend, is daunting. I had friends, but they weren't on the island. It's a bit like the story of Robinson Crusoe. I had to learn by trial and error. The good news is you don’t, it’s all here.”